Sitzendorf Porcelain Table LAMP

 154 -103
Price ($AU):
 H 18.5" or 47 cm's.

GERMAN "SITZENDORF" PORCELAIN TABLE OIL LAMP. The white porcelain main body is typical Continental hard-paste porcelain with applied coloured floral decoration. The matching porcelain drop-in font is positioned in the top of the main body. Four cherubs are spaced about the main body, facing outwards and supporting the font on their backs with their hands holding it from behind. The cherubs are naked except for a pale yellow or mauve waistband, blue hair ribbons and brown strap over their left shoulder, and are standing on a brown ground with red rose buds being the applied flowers, and green leaves and foliage. Four large flowers with gilded highlights are positioned below the left foot of each cherub, on the edge of the base.

The burner is a Messenger No 2 Duplex marked on the black button wick adjusters. The burner is complete with snuffer and raising mechanism for lighting and has a clip-on type fitting. The registration number impressed on the burner gallery is 127410.  

The light green replacement glass shade is etched and enhances the greens of the floral porcelain decoration. MARK: Under glaze �‚ depicts Sitzendorf, Germany. Small chips to flowers